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What is the water test and how do I perform it exactly?

What should I do if I believe the AudioClear vent is damaged?

What should I do if the audio quality from my case sounds degraded?

What if my question is not here?



What is the water test and how do I perform it exactly?

The water test outlined on every VAULT instruction set is a simple procedure to guarantee your VAULT case is still 100% water tight, especially after it took a beating on your last beach trip or it has been sitting in your hot car all summer. The steps to the test are very straight forward. Please follow below. If you want a to watch a video describing the water test for your case, please visit us on YouTube.

  1. Empty the case contents before closing the case and fastening the latches.
  2. Submerge each acoustic vent into at least 4 inches of water, or fully submerge the entire case to a depth of no more than 1 ft. To be clear, the acoustic vent is the perforated area on the either one or both sides of the case. 
  3. Hold each vent or the entire case submerged for at least 20 seconds. Do not hold the case submerged for more than 2 minutes as this could eventually damage the AudioClear acoustic vent.
  4. Remove the case from the water and clean off as much moisture from the outer surfaces as possible. Tapping grill surface(s) gets water out very quickly.
  5. Postion the case such that the lid is facing upward(it is easy to set the case on the table with the thicker half lying flat on the table surface), and open case. Please note it is important to have the lid facing upward otherwise a small amount of water could drip into case from wet exterior edge when opening.
  6. Thoroughly inspect the interior of the case for moisture.

What should I do if I believe the AudioClear vent is damaged?

If, for any reason, you believe an AudioClear vent is damaged, contact us immediately! AudioActiv will work with you to either repair or replace the vent, or the entire case.

What should I do if the audio quality from a VAULT case sounds degraded?

Under certain circumstances it is possible for an AudioClear acoustic vent to distort the audio being transmitted. If you experience degraded sound quality it is best to open the case and be sure there is nothing wrong with the speaker or audio signal. If there is nothing wrong, close the case and check the audio quality again. If the sound distortion remains, please contact AudioActiv immediately for further help.

What if my question is not here?

Please contact us immediately for further help.